All I’ve ever wanted from people was their friendship,

Just Friendship.

But it seems like all I’ve ever gotten were people who wanted something from me.

Friendship was never enough. People used me just for a shoulder to cry on or talk to about their hardships. Of course I wouldn’t mind doing this for a friend but when people only want to talk to me when they need help I do not call this friendship. Especially if they aren’t even going to take the time to hear me out.

Then there’s other people who want more than friendship. Why can’t people understand this isn’t what I want nor need at this time in my life. 

I’m tired of people getting feelings for me when I can’t reciprocate those feelings back. 

I just want a fucking friend. Is that too much to fucking ask? 

"Je t’aime"

A scene from Luc Besson’s movie "Angel-A" | 2005

The one and only Jamel Debbouze with Rie Rasmussen

N.B. Sometimes we can find a very touching sequence, in a movie full of clichés


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My favorite films | Angel-A (2005 Luc Besson) 
Look at your body, battered by the lack of love and trust. Don’t you see you deserves a little care? Don’t reject your wounded body. It’s suffered in silence all this time. Tell your body how important it is, that it has its place. Give it what it deserves.

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